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You will find here everything what you need in the kitchen.

Main product range icludes:

-enamel, Stainless steel and ceramic pots, pans

-teflon, ceramic, stainless steel and steel frying pans

-teapots, cups and lids

Thanks to modern technology and strategic projections all products may be long-term use.


We have a lot of products ideal for baking.

Main product range includes:


-springform, baking tins, baking moulds

-many different accessories for cake and cookies

Kitchen Accessories

In this range we can offer :

– knives , knife sets

– trays , cutting board, peeler

-openers , squeezers

-meat and pasta machine

Organization of the Kitchen

Thanks to components from this section you will find your own style in the kitchen.

Main product range includes:

– bread bin, baskets, lunch box, containers

– dish drainers , cutlery drainers

-scales, rulers, boards, bowls

– kitchen textiles